Our goal at The Schottenstein Center is to ensure injured employees can get back to their job as quickly as possible while keeping their safety and full recovery as major priorities. The team is comprised of professionals meticulously trained in the treatment of work-related injuries and we fully comprehend the laws and regulations of Florida’s Workers’ Compensation system.

Dr. Schottenstein is Board Certified by the American Medical Association as an Independent Medical Examination and is experienced in workers’ compensation foot or ankle injury/cases. We treat a multitude of injuries including but not limited to ankle fractures, foot fractures, Achilles tendon ruptures, tendonitis of the foot/ankle, ankle sprains, foot sprains, heel pain, and lacerations etc. Our physicians are dedicated to providing exceptional care to the injured worker and efficiently treating them so that they can return to work as quickly and safely as possible. We realize the importance of communication and keep the employee, employer and insurance carrier informed of the patient’s treatment plan, progress and status.

Whether you’re an adjuster, employer, or case manager, we offer everything you and/or your patient may need:

  • Expeditious work-related injury evaluation and treatment
  • A prompt referring physician response, including report reliability and easy to understand exam notes
  • Thorough reports regarding work status
  • Consistent communication with employers, case managers, and adjusters
  • Comprehensive rehab programs
  • Second opinions regarding Florida Workers’ Compensation cases
  • Independent Medical Evaluations

Independent Medical Evaluations

Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs) are an integral component in determining your status of being able to return to work, and they are also critical when it comes to workers’ compensation related lawsuits. Our surgeons are extensively trained to deal with a multitude of injuries including the back and neck, the feet and ankles, orthopedic trauma, and more. You can rest assured that The Schottenstein Center will provide a comprehensive and dependable IME.

If you injured your foot and/or ankle on the job and are looking for exceptional care, please call us for an appointment at (305)-912-6646 or (954)-998-6646.