Toenail Surgery

While avoiding surgery is a top priority for our patients, there are some unfortunate situations that require surgery. Correcting ingrown toenails is one of the most common surgical procedures performed at The Schottenstein Center. You are in great hands with our knowledgeable and skilled staff. If toenail surgery is required, our team of experts will use our modern surgical treatments to have you up and running in as little time as possible. We know that avoiding surgery at all costs is the goal but there are cases that require surgery.The big toe is the most commonly affected by abnormal growth but every toe is potentially subject to the condition. There are several factors that contribute to nail issues. For the most part, nails typically grow out, in a straightforward manner. However, there are certain conditions that can cause abnormal growth to occur, as well as common practices that can help prevent it. Below is a list of common known conditions leading to abnormal nail growth:

  • Improperly Trimmed Nails
  • Fungal Infections
  • Tight Shoe Gear
  • Heredity
  • Trauma

When the corner or sides of the nail begin to dig into the soft tissue surrounding it, an ingrown toenail occurs. This can cause pain, swelling and inflammation. In some cases this can lead to the development of an infection. If the nail happens to break the skin, bacteria can enter in and therefore an infection begins. Most cases resolve themselves. It is very important to contact The Schottenstein Center immediately if you are experiencing any discoloration or infection on or around your toenails.

In the most common cases, the nail can simply be trimmed correctly and the issue will then resolve on its own. However, more severe cases will require a surgical procedure to correct the ingrown toenail. This is an outpatient procedure. Our full surgery treatment will include education on the best practices to heal and to prevent similar toenail issues in the future. It is extremely important to detect ingrown toenails before they reach the point of infection. Maintaining regular scheduled appointments at The Schottenstein Center can significantly aid in the overall health of your ankles, feet and nails.

Infection of an ingrown toenail can be unsightly to look at but most importantly infected nails can be extremely painful. Signs of an infected toenail include swelling, redness, irritation and in some cases puss is noticeable. It is very important to contact The Schottenstein Center in Miami and Hollywood for a full podiatric evaluation if you notice discoloration or signs of infection.

An oral medication, such as an antibiotic, can be prescribed for infections stemming from abnormal nail growth. This type of medication may be administered in liquid or pill form. It is very important to finish out the entire prescription of antibiotics, even when you are feeling much better or your outward symptoms have subsided. Our goal, with any surgical procedure, is to prevent you from having to repeat the surgery again in the future. Surgical treatment for abnormal nail growth is no different.

During this type of surgical procedure, Dr. Schottenstein will remove the ingrown portion of the nail. This is the best way to remove the pain quickly. Patients may be prescribed a topical cream or ointment to treat the infection on the surface. Oral medications may also be prescribed for infection. Dr. Schottenstein can also perform a more permanent procedure for chronic ingrown toenail patients. This procedure can permanently prevent ingrown nails from growing back in the future.

Unlike other surgical procedures, nail surgery does not require physical therapy as part of recovery. Recovery will require proper follow up care and prevention to be truly effective. Prevention is key to maintaining healthy feet and nails. Regular schedule appointments at The Schottenstein Center will aid in the overall health of your feet and ankles. Our treatment solutions are extremely effective. The Schottenstein Center is here to take care of all of your podiatric and orthopedic needs. We are very careful to educate our patients on proper foot, ankle and nail care to improve your overall foot health. We spend quality time with each patient to make sure we properly evaluate our diagnosis. You are encouraged to ask questions as you feel necessary.

Dr. Schottenstein has become an industry leader in both foot and ankle care, including surgical procedures. We have state of the art facilities in both Miami and Hollywood. If you have any questions regarding our surgical procedures or podiatry care, please feel free to contact us here. The Schottenstein Center has two convenient locations in Miami-Dade and Broward County to assist patients with their foot, ankle, and/or leg needs. Call today to schedule your appointment. Let us help you repair and maintain healthy ankle, foot and leg health!