A sprain is an injury where the ligaments that support a joint get stretched beyond their limits and tear either partially or completely. Sprains of the foot, ankle, and leg are common injuries that can occur in people of all ages. The severity of the sprain depends on the extent of the damage to the ligaments.

With ankle sprains, conservative treatment is often sufficient to deal with the problem. Sprains of the lateral ankle ligaments are the most common. Evaluation by a foot and ankle surgeon is always important to rule out the presence of a fracture or other injury that may have occurred at the same time which could lead to complications in the future. Additionally, it is important that rehabilitation for ankle sprains begin quickly after injury so that the ligaments can heal properly.

Surgical treatment for sprains are rare but may be necessary for injuries that fail to respond to nonsurgical treatment, and for patients who experience persistent pain and instability. Surgery often involves repairing or tightening the damaged ligament or ligaments. Dr. Schottenstein can help select the surgical procedure best suited for your case based on the type and severity of your injury as well as your activity level.