The sesamoids are two bones that are embedded in a tendon beneath the big toe joint. Sesamoiditis is an overuse injury that causes chronic inflammation of the sesamoid bones. Sesamoiditis typically presents gradually, starting as a mild ache, but as the discomfort and inflammation increases, the pain can increase into an intense throbbing. People who participate in activities and sports that involve repetitive, excessive loading of the ball of the foot such as dancing, sprinting or even walking often suffer from this condition. Additionally, people with ‘boney’ feet, higher arched feet, marked flat feet, or those who tend to run on the ball of their foot also tend to be more prone to developing sesamoiditis. With a physical examination, imaging studies, and patient symptom history, sesamoiditis can be diagnosed and steps can be taken to help alleviate the patient’s pain. Surgery is rarely indicated, but it may be necessary for sesamoid injuries that fail to respond to conservative treatments.
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