Pediatric injures is a broad category that refers to physical harm to a minor or a child. There are many different causes, effects and severity of these injuries to the children. Some that can lead to feet and leg injuries include motor vehicle crashes which can be fatal. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, their statistics don’t have minor injuries and require treatment. Some injuries like falling off the bicycle can be accidental, while others can be intentional, such as violence and maltreatment. These injuries can sometimes be fatal and may cause lifelong mental and physical disabilities, leading to specialized care. Other causes of these injuries include burns, which are shared among children due to their level of comprehension, so hot liquids are likely to cause harm to them. Falls is another which is typical. In their journey to grow physically and develop their movement, children fall many times and cause injuries, though not fatal. Treating pediatric injuries can be very normal because children are very active in their physical activities. After all, this contributes to their staying feet and healthy. Sprains and scrapes are almost like a way of life for children, and knowing what to do after is vital. For bruises and cuts, one should apply pressure for a few minutes to stop any bleeding. Clean the wound with clean water. Then cover it with a bandage or any other airtight dressing. However, a physician should be called when the wound looks infected, is leaking fluids, is discoloured, or is swollen. When faced with sprains, the injured area may swell right away and cause a lot of pain. A health expert should help because the sprain maybe a broken bone as opposed to a sprain. Therefore checking is essential and particularly because children may lack knowledge of identifying broken bones, and this may lead to severe problems if not noticed and dealt with on time.