How To Choose A Podiatrist In Miami Hollywood Podiatrist Miami & Hallandale
November 25, 2020

How To Choose A Podiatrist In Miami & Hallendale

Choosing Your Podiatrist in Miami and Hallendale
A lot of people suffer from some type of issue, pain or complication in their ankle, toe or foot. Unfortunately, most people are unsure of what to look for when selecting a doctor. You need to know what you can do to help make certain your feet are in the best possible condition. After all, your feet are important for walking, running and simply getting from one place to another. Your feet ensure your body remains in motion. There are more than 300 different issues potentially affecting your feet.We want you to be aware of the best options to ensure your feet are in good health. Not every physician has received the necessary training to take care of your feet properly. Making the right choice can be difficult and is often challenging. You should not make your choice just because the office is close to where you live or work. We hope you will take all of the following into consideration when you make your final decision. Experience Level
The average person goes to a clinic or hospital when they experience pains in their ankle, toe or feet. A podiatry expert can determine what the issue is much faster and ensure you receive the correct diagnosis. Podiatry experts are experienced in handling numerous types of issues with your feet including plantar fasciitis, broken toes and bunions. No matter what your issue is, it will be recognized easily so you get the treatment you need. We recommend asking how long the doctor has been practicing.

The Environment of the Podiatrist’s Office
You need to decide how important a pleasant environment is for your needs. We believe good lighting, comfortable furniture and soft music are important. Most people are not comfortable with a blaring television and questionable cleanliness. A podiatry expert will make certain you walk into a clean office, remain comfortable and have a sensational experience. A qualified physician understands their staff, front office and back office are just as important as the quality of your care.

Talk to your good friends, co-workers, relatives and family members about professionals in the Miami and Hallendale areas. Your best option is talking to someone that has experienced issues with their feet in the past or has a similar condition. By talking to several different people, you can make comparisons regarding professionalism, treatment, experiences and results. Make certain you can trust the people you speak with.

Unfortunately, some podiatrists believe their credentials tell the entire story. This type of doctor generally offers a fast diagnosis and treatment. The issue is a good diagnosis takes time. There are important questions you should be asked, an examination is necessary and in some cases tests need to be run. We do not feel receiving a quick diagnosis and being shoved out the door is professional or effective. You should be told about their treatment process and options.

You should be given an initial consultation to ensure the doctor understands the depth and nature of your issue. The medical advice you receive should be based on the latest research, extensive experience, your exam and the specific issue you came in for. All of the information you need should be given to you patiently to help ensure you make the right choice to take care of your ankle, toe or feet.

Your Medical Condition
There are specific medical conditions that can affect the health of your feet. Diabetes and fibromyalgia can both cause pain and chronic wounds in your feet. If you have a health condition that may result in these types of complications, you need to provide your podiatric professional with a thorough explanation. Make certain you do not settle for a physician without the experience or skill to address any potential complications.

The Type of Office Equipment
Unfortunately, a lot of podiatrist’s offices do not have state of the art treatment options and diagnostic equipment. This includes a full-service lab and digital x-rays. Without these options, any orthotic adjustments you might need are unable to be performed immediately. If you live in Miami or Hollywood, there are offices offering you current and top of the line equipment. If you are experiencing a lot of pain, the last thing you want is to wait for an adjustment offering you relief.

If you have a busy schedule, convenience is very important. Even if the doctor has plenty of expertise and experience, driving for an hour is impractical when you need help. We recommend taking the working hours of the office into consideration. One of the biggest issues we see are offices not accepting most health insurance policies. Physicians in your network are less expensive than doctors out of your network.

You can make certain you have a better experience by asking questions. Ask what hours and days the office is open to be sure there is no conflict with your schedule. Find out if your health insurance is accepted. If the office will not answer your questions, there is an issue you should not ignore.

Making a Comparison
Due to the popularity of the internet, a lot of patients will leave a review. Check for local reviews on Angie’s List or Yelp. Do some research by conducting searches on Google for reviews using your zip code or the names of specific podiatrists. Satisfying every patient is an impossibility. There will always be someone that is not satisfied. This being said, if you see a lot of negative reviews, there is a reason. Since many satisfied patients do not leave a review, you should read what is there.

You can usually get a good idea of what to expect if you read enough reviews. If numerous patients have the same issue, you need to know why. If you are not comfortable using the internet or are unable to find any online reviews, ask for patient testimonials. Any reputable doctor will be happy to make this information available. Knowing why past patients were pleased or displeased with the service they received is important. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

The Specialization
There are all different types of foot conditions and injuries. Many of the best podiatrists available specialize in a specific condition, treatment or complication. The most common specializations include bio-mechanical, surgery and sport’s injuries. Depending on your issue, we recommend finding a physician specializing in your specific condition and treatment. You do not want to be treated by someone who has never handled your condition or you may receive questionable results.

Too Cheap is a Warning Flag
Once you find a few possible podiatrists, ask what the cost is for a routine treatment or surgery. The majority of prices will be in a similar range. If the cost is substantially cheaper, it is most likely an indication the doctor does not have much experience, has a problem getting or keeping patients or is just plain inept. There is also a possibility the office does not have enough patients to pay the bills.

Understand The Importance of Orthotics
Good podiatrists know how to treat a wide range of feet conditions before the issue becomes worse. A good example is plantar fasciitis. Your doctor should know which shoe inserts you need and how to correct common problems for children such as an abnormal gait. You need to be comfortable with the podiatry expert you choose. Your foot is extremely sensitive. You require care from an experienced podiatrist to ensure you receive the results you need.